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www.Gmail.com Create Account | Gmail sign up & Login Guide

Everyone who is familiar to Google and smart phones are not complete strangers to “ www.Gmail.com ”. So before going to exit yourself from this page, let me tell you the things I am going to explain in this article.

First, I made it mandatory to explain the creation, Gmail Sign in or Gmail Login process of Gmail accounts, to our peers who are completely unaware about Gmail.com. Later we are gonna discuss about those extra special features of Gmail other than its basic mail services, so that you can understand your under usage of Gmail and also people will get a clear idea that why Gmail is best among all its competitors in the terms of services. So, let’s get started from the very beginning and go through all quintessential things.

www.Gmail.com Create Account

Before knowing any advance features, everyone must be clear about basics and how to get started exactly. That is why I have made time to explain these simplest topics without rushing into things. The process of starting or creating a new Gmail account is explained below in a step by step process.

gmaill sign up

gmaill sign up

Gmail sign up Process

  • Enter gmail.com
  • Now you can look at the “Sign in” option provided at the beginning, ignore that.
  • Carefully look down and you can look at an option called “Create account”.
  • Click on it.
  • Now “Gmail” ask you fill all the primary details like your name, username you choose to have, password.
  • Fill them and move to “Next”.
  • Now “Gmail” ask you to enter phone number and a recovery email which are completely optional.
  • Also you have to enter other minor details like date of birth, gender, etc.
  • Fill them and click on “next”.
  • Now “Gmail” provides you their privacy options, terms & conditions.
  • Read them briefly and click on “I agree” option mentioned below.
  • You are done with the process of creating “Gmail” account.

www.gmail.com Sign up Guide

I guess you guys understood the process in simple steps I have explained above. But I will explain the entire process again in detailed way so that you don’t miss any single point related to that. So, this whole process can be started with a simple Google search i.e searching for www.gmail.com.

Now you will be taken to the official site of Gmail where you can find options like Sign in, create account, etc. It is the basic common sense that hit’s you to click on the “create account” option as you are here with a wish to join Gmail. There, Gmail asks you to fill all primary and important details which are absolutely necessary to get started.

gmail sign up

gmail sign up

You are asked to choose a unique username to get recognised among the ‘n’ number of netizens. Also you have to create a password of your own, which is nothing but a key to enter and get access to your Gmail account and sharing it with anyone is not at all recommended as Gmail doesn’t take any responsibility if you share your password which leads to any mal usage of your account.

Now Gmail asks you enter your phone number or any other email you have for recovery purpose. Though it is optional, I personally recommend doing it as allows getting access to your account if you forget your password or you can alter your details in case your account gets hacked.

Gmail Personal details

Gmail Personal details

You can continue to enter other things like date of birth, gender and Gmail provides all the details related to its privacy, terms & conditions, etc. You can read them if you want to, but there’s no actual need to go through them. Now click on “I agree” to get you a Gmail account. Now Gmail gives options like choosing view which is customisable a bit. There you go with your new Gmail account.

How to Sign In or Log in to your Gmail account:

Before telling you about the process of Signing in, let me explain the difference between terms Sign in, Log in and Sign up. So, Gmail Sign up is nothing but creating a fresh account whereas Sign In or Log In means the same process that is getting access to your existing account. Let me tell how this is done in minimal steps.

Gmail Login / Sign in

  • visit gmail.com.
  • Now you can directly look at the option called “Sign In” which is foremost of everything.
Gmail login

Gmail login

  • It asks you enter the unique Gmail Id of yours, which you have created earlier with a username.
  • Now you have to enter your password, which is confidential, so Gmail hide it in the form of dots, so no third person can have access to your account unless you allow.
  • That’s it you can directly enter your existing Gmail account, you have created earlier and check the mails you have received and sent.


Before jumping into conclusions that describe the usefulness of this article, let me give you another reason to continue further. I want to tell you the special features that you have after creating a Gmail account before ending this.

So, if you have a Gmail account you can use other applications of Google like Hangouts which is a messenger, Maps, Google Earth, Youtube, Google Photos, Blog, etc. Also you can use Gmail account to enter Google Play store and many other applications, social media sites where Gmail account provides you access that is necessary which is also compulsory in few cases.

So guys, get started by experiencing all these features if you are not aware all these days and those who have created a new Gmail account after reading this article, let me know your doubts and queries in the comment section below. Feel free to do that. If you found this article helpful forward it among your friends and family to let them know about the numerous uses of having a www.Gmail.com account, so that they can join you among various other platforms through Gmail.

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